It is a very special pleasure to welcome you to the inaugural Epigenetics & Cancer conference to be held in Paris from 29-30 May 2017. The conference is organized by 4 institutions and research team networks (CVT AVIESAN, Institut Curie, REpiCGO and Grenoble Epigenetics Club) which are highly involved in epigenetics basic and translational research. Our goal is to bring together leading scientists, clinicians and companies interested in epigenetics to discuss the latest discoveries and developments of its applications in cancer therapy and diagnosis.

This 2-days meeting will take place in the green surroundings of the Cité Internationale Universitaire of Paris. The first day will focus on the new insights in epigenetic mechanisms in cancer and the second day on the new epigenetic strategies to diagnose and treat cancer.

The following topics will be discussed in dedicated sessions:

1. Chromatin pathways and cancer
2. Epigenetics and metabolism deregulation in cancer
3. Non-coding RNA and cancer
4. Epigenetic Therapies
5. Epigenome driven cancer biomarkers

The conference aims to provide a unique opportunity to connect epigenetics communities, promote interdisciplinary interactions and links between academic research and industry. The BtoB sessions, co-organized with Instituts Carnot Curie Cancer and CALYM, will give you the opportunity to meet your future partners (researchers, clinicians, TTO, companies) to initiate new deals and collaborations.

We look forward to seeing you in May 2017 in the beautiful city of Paris for new scientific exchanges on Epigenetics & Cancer.

With our very best regards,

The Organizing & Scientific Committee

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